Delicious non-rawhide chewing snacks with tasty chicken.

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Irresistible non-rawhide chewing snacks with exciting flavours.

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SmartBones® meets every taste

SmartBones® overwhelmes with tasty chewing snacks your dog cannot resist. Our Classics have a non-rawhide outer layer containing wholesome vegetables and tasty chicken as the inner layer, whereas our irresistible Flavour Chews impress with a non-rawhide outer layer and exciting flavours like Peanut Butter, Sweet Potato and Beef flavour. That’s why all of these delicious SmartBones® chewing snacks are also easy to digest. They are Vitamin and Mineral enriched and also convince with a soft texture to be gentler on gums and stomach. Therefore all our SmartBones® Chews are good in helping to keep teeth clean and healthy. As they are wheat free and without any rawhide, our irresistible SmartBones® chews are well-tolerated.

SmartBones® is all in one: irresistibly tasty and healthy at the same time. That’s why dogs are crazy about our unique chewing snacks.

Snacks with benefits

No rawhide

  • Easy to digest
  • Extra low in fat
  • Vitamin & Mineral enriched